I love looking forward to Summer because it reminds me of lazy sunny days out on the beach or holidaying in a vibrant city full of activities and countless cuisine.

In the same token, summer fashion I believe is the most versatile (where you can style a simple dress in six different ways). Also, it’s the best time to show off the diversity of personalities through what we wear.

At Iro Lagos, we cater for the summer holiday season in the quirkiest of ways. We curate unique pieces from local artisans, we buy and embellish beach accessories to create a unique ensemble curated just for you. We do all we need to do to ensure you look hot (no pun intended) during summer!

“Why do we do this?” you might ask. It’s simply because it gives you a choice to express yourself through fashion and lifestyle without uttering a word!

Let the Party begin! – 2nd July 2022

Creative Director, Iro Lagos

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