Ore Ore Christmas Capsule

Lagos is a city that almost never sleeps, a city with a healthy appetite for festivities, tradition, and Show Business. Christmas festivities are particularly exaggerated as pockets are filled with additional allowances and workplace bonuses. Businesses become more generous as they are marveled by their profit margins and staff loyalty as the season of giving and gifting draws near.

With themed office Christmas parties and weddings varying in size and detail, hospitality vendors are strategizing to optimize their level of service to their broad spectrum of felicitators. In the same token, Lagos Fashion establishments are preparing to supply event-goers accordingly. Listening to our customers has taught us at Iro Lagos to intentionally create and curate an exclusive capsule perfectly suited to any event. 

This season, our Christmas Capsule 2021, ORE ÒRÉ tells a story of events from our past that has shaped our now, shaped the way we wear clothes as well as the way we relate to one another.

We are in the era of comfortable yet creative fashion, the concept of “one size fits all” and Loungewear is music to our ears. We love to Netflix and Chill with friends and family then pop out for a late lunch without having to change outfits.

Our Capsule Collection is a balanced take on formal yet playful pieces combined with comfortable Loungewear. The theme this year portrays a celebration of love and friendships. 

We now live in a world where remote working appears to be here to stay and therefore most interactions are at specific social gatherings. So in this new era, we must cherish the notion of camaraderie, hold on to time spent together, gift each other, and most importantly be there for one another.

Our Look Book tells a story of a pair of friends who like to do “and Co” (when two or more people are similarly dressed for a social gathering). We played on colours not normally associated with the Yuletide season, an alternative to the traditional Christmas colours. We introduced a medley of tones and textures from silk chiffons to soft denim to ribbed damask. We recognized lines by using vertical linear patterns juxtaposed against floral embroidered garments.

All in all, it’s been an absolute delight to have creatively curated comfortable yet chic pieces fit for any event this yuletide season has to offer.

Merry Christmas from Iro Lagos.


Creative Director, Iro Lagos

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