Iro Lagos at Christmas

The weeks leading up to Christmas at Iro Lagos are not ordinary or business as usual for us. We are excited and humbled as we observe a manifestation of our carefully laid out plans.

In anticipation of our Christmas Capsule, we create and purchase our fabric way before the “ember” months. The design process happens as organically as possible, with inspiration coming mainly from fabric, patterns, shades, and FASHION!!!!

We look forward to an Iro Lagos Christmas every year, knowing it’s the busiest season but also the happiest. Our aim is to provide every customer with their own creative curated comfort. To provide an experience that will forever be remembered.

Now close your eyes. Imagine walking towards a quirkily dressed window with snowflakes and twinkly lights, your spirits start to lift in anticipation of what you will see or feel when you open our doors.

As you pull open the doors, a whiff of bliss hits your scent buds, you can’t decide if it’s the chocolate or the cinnamon, orange, and cloves from the mulled wine. You take a step closer and you can make out the smell of berries and vanilla from the candles curated exclusively for you.

There is one of our lovely attendants standing in front of you with a smile and a glass of warm mulled wine welcoming you. Behind them is a variety of creative, comfortable fashion but first, we meet and greet.

You walk around the store and realize that not only is there a home section with a pamper corner where you can sample body scrubs, oils, soaps alongside some Korean sheet masks, the Accessories section is loaded with a carefully curated jewelry selection and extremely chic sunglasses.

We allow you to browse freely through the store while we inform you of our gift wrapping and delivery service, we show you our selection of boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbons. You decide to take a seat and enjoy a mince pie or two while doing all your Christmas shopping in one sitting.

We take down your details and the mailing addresses of your loved ones who will receive your presents.

You are happy to have found us and will shop with us forever and ever.



Creative Director, Iro Lagos

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