There is always this talk about getting a summer body by working out hard, exercising and training to bag that toned and defined body; especially for the summer holidays. Whilst we are striving to get in shape, we must also consider doing the same for our skins. Just as we adopt some level of discipline for our physiques, we mustn’t fail to do the same for our skincare routine.

At Iro Lagos we believe in adopting an all round skincare routine which results in clearer, smoother and supple skin within the first week. There is a myriad of soaps, scrubs, oils and sheet masks to choose from to achieve your skin goals. We co-create with local soap makers and perfume houses to formulate new products enriched with essential oils to combat your skin concerns.

These products are curated for you, not only for the summer but as a part of your lifestyle to keep your skin happy and healthy all year round.

Creative Director, Iro Lagos

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